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We aim to help you:

  • Get more customers and increase your profits
  • Make the most of your marketing budget
  • Evaluate the performance of your website and other marketing tools
  • Create an effective and economic sales and marketing plan

Marketing in West Sussex from JayProAt Jaypro we bring fresh ideas and a fresh perspective to your sales and marketing strategy – selling is the ‘fuel’ that drives your business and thoughtful marketing delivers profitable sales. In fact, well planned and executed marketing campaigns can be the difference between a company that just survives and one that really thrives in the current economic climate.

Every company needs to be able to measure and assess the effectiveness of its marketing investment. Arguably, effective marketing should be seen as ‘free’, as its positive impact on your turnover should far outweigh the money you spend on it!

Each of our clients is consulted about their individual needs and our team put together a marketing plan that focuses on the client’s target audience, and the best methods to capture their attention. We help you to measure and assess the effectiveness of the marketing we put in place – which is crucial if you are going to get the very best out of your budget. Plus, if you can see what we are doing for you is working, you might want to invest a little more with us!

We use a selection from the following marketing techniques, depending on the individual needs and requirements of each client:

• PR or Public relations

PR is a very low-cost way of getting your company name, products and services into the media. Has anything newsworthy happened recently? We’ll put together a press release and distribute it to the right people to give it the best chance of making the news – papers, magazines, radio, even TV. You’d be surprised at how much of the ‘news’ is made up of press releases.

• Advertising

Advertising is a powerful marketing weapon when bought at the right time, at the right price, in the right media and graphically designed for maximum impact.

• Internet Marketing

Your website is one of the biggest potential sources of new customers –  but do you understand the intricacies of the internet and how to use your website to build a relationship with those potential clients, who might not be ready to buy now but who could well require your products or services in the future? The internet is fleeting – how can you make sure they remember you?

• Cross Selling

One of the biggest sources of untapped profits, in many companies, is their existing customers. If you sell more than one product or service, are you telling all of your customers about them?

• Brochures and Leaflets

Great, professional looking promotional material can mark you out as someone your customers want to do business with. Our design and copywriting team can put together excellent brochures, leaflets, stationery, posters – whatever you need to promote your business to the customers you want to attract.

• Exhibitions and Shows

If your business would benefit from attending shows and exhibitions and making face-to-face contact with your future clients, but you’re not sure where to start, JayPro’s extensive experience in this field will be invaluable. Stand design, signs, posters, banners – leaflets and gifts to give out on the day – we’ll suggest loads of ideas, and tell you where to source them.

• Direct Marketing

Sending well-targeted, direct mail pieces to the right mailing list can reap good rewards. We can help you source the best lists and send out the right messages.

• Niche Marketing

Are your products or services targeted to a particular group or ‘niche’ of people? Whereas in times gone by it could be difficult to make a good profit from a niche product, modern technology – the internet, video and social networking – means that a specialist interest item can be tracked down and bought by many more people – if you know how to get the word out. We do!

• Promotions

Competitions, prize draws, introductory offers, sales, launches, special events – all draw interest to your company and when combined with an offer that gives new customers a compelling reason to buy from you, they can be a huge boost to business.

• Graphic Design and Print

Looking professional, and communicating your message clearly is crucial to a business looking to impress potential new customers. Where budgets are tight, we know of economic ways to make your money go further – where first impressions really matter, we create excellent material that you’ll be proud of.

We are professional marketers and we’re good at what we do – let us prove it to you!

For a FREE consultation just ring 01243 828482 and speak to Roger Tupper, or use our Contact Form to tell us about your company, and we’ll call you to fix an appointment.

We could be the missing piece in your marketing jigsaw!

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