About Us

Jaypro Marketing Solutions - Senior Consultant Roger TupperRoger Tupper is Jaypro’s owner and senior marketing consultant. He has worked in sales and marketing for over 30 years, and is keenly aware of the importance of marketing when it comes to creating a successful business.

His working background includes sales and marketing for the international corporation Sterling Health, local and regional newspapers and commercial radio.

His extensive experience of selling media advertising came in very handy when he started buying it in his role as the Group Marketing Manager for the Harbour Group of companies. Being in overall charge of the marketing strategy for six companies, he played a major role in the ongoing success of this 50million pound turnover enterprise.

Roger realised that his accumulated skills, his network of contacts throughout the industry, and his ability to adapt to a rapidly changing marketing landscape, meant that he was in a strong position to start his own company. He wanted to help small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from new, and often low-cost, methods of promoting themselves, in addition to applying traditional marketing methods – a powerful and exciting way for modern businesses to reach new customers and secure a profitable future.

Gathering around him a team of specialists, he has created a formidable group that are ready to bring their expertise to bear on your business.

Successful companies are not just lucky – they know and understand the importance of good marketing. So does Roger Tupper.

Sue Portman has many years experience as a graphic designer, spending a good few of them working with Roger as a freelance, designing and art working ads, brochures, leaflets and promotional material for the Harbour Group. After deciding that she wished to expand her skill-set into writing, Sue studied part-time for a Masters Degree in Technical Communication, which she passed with Merit.

Considering her future post-degree, Sue realised that she had learned a great deal about marketing during her time as a designer, and also began to explore the still new, but slowly maturing world of internet marketing. As she explains, “Most companies now know that they need to have a website in order to look like a credible business; after all, the internet is where a huge number of people go to check out their potential purchases of goods and services.  As yet, however, not many business owners really know what to do with their website in order to make it a highly effective marketing tool – it often just sits there looking attractive and doing very little to bring customers to the business.”

“It’s crucial that business website owners understand how the internet works – unfortunately many don’t. There are proven actions that can radically improve the performance and ranking of a website, and its ability to sell.”

With Sue’s internet marketing knowledge, design and copywriting ability on board, JayPro has another strong set of skills to offer its clients.